Warranty Services and Management

We assist you in supplying a means to provide reliable protection and support for your customer’s purchases.  We specialize in putting together end-to-end warranty programs to give you an advantage in the marketplace. Our expertise capabilities span everything from warranty administration and customer service support to claims processing and service contract underwriting.

We are able to assist you in putting in place a:

  • Warranty and Insurance plan for your product or service that meets reduces your risk and allows for your customer to feel secure in their purchase.
  • Warranty Management plan that provide you with the best way to manage the warranty process from end to end.

These processes can be put in place for standard product and service offerings and extended service warranties.  Contact us to find out more.

Warranty Lifecycle Process

How we can help you

  • Warranty Management

    Begin with the Polities and Terms for a Warranty product,  Build the business rules around the warranty and the campaigns to promote the warranty

  • Warranty Registration

    Assure pre delivery inspection, put together an easy and efficient way to register product, make sure all service plans are in place.

  • Warranty Insights

    This starts with consistent reporting and analysis in place.  Then make sure there are quality processes, quality improvement guidelines, and corrective action plans in place for any issue that comes up.

  • Claims Processing

    Assure there is an efficient way for claims to be submitted and processes.  Assure there is proper adjudication of every claim and if payment needs to accompany a claim, assure there is a process to make that happen.

  • Supplier Recovery

    Assure there is a process for claims and returns to every supplier.  Put these agreements in place.

  • Parts Return

    Have a mechanism in place for parts to be returned and inspected.  Assure that shipment tracking is also in place for these parts to make sure they get back to you.   Also make sure there is a parts return process in place to the suppliers, so that any defective component can be returned..