Does ACCENT Ventures willingness to give away free business evaluations to contact center owners sound too good to be true? It’s not!

ACCENT Ventures prepares free contact center business evaluations on a regular basis. Why? Ultimately, the evaluations benefit everyone. They provide the potential seller with data that helps them determine what their contact center may be worth to buyers and whether it is truly the right time to sell. At the same time, they provide ACCENT Ventures with an opportunity to learn about the seller’s business and assess whether or not beginning the selling process will be worth everyone’s time. They also provide us with valuable market information that we can use to gain an even greater understanding of how specific contact center characteristics are impacting sale prices.

To receive your FREE contact center business evaluation, simply fill out the form below. It is completely confidential, risk-free, and comes with no obligation to begin an engagement with ACCENT Venturesp or any other party.

After you submit the form, we will speak with you, review some of your basic key operating metrics and demographics, and provide you with an estimate of what we believe we can achieve for you at this very lucrative time to sell. We’re confident that ACCENT Ventures has the industry experience and professional know-how to help you gain a thorough understanding of your options.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your abilities. If you’d rather speak with us directly and skip the form, visit our contact page to reach a qualified ACCENT Venture exit strategy consultant. We look forward to helping you uncover the true value of your independent contact center.

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