Contact Center services we provide

ACCENT Ventures can assist in the set up, maintenance and long term planning for Contact Centers.  Some of the areas we can assist you with are:

  • Assist you in planning your workload, employees required and capacity planning
  • Work out short term and long term facilities requirements and assist you in either obtaining or off loading facilities moving forward
  • If new facilities are needed determine the best location based on a series of factors with regional requirements and customer demand.
  • Choose the right technologies to use at each center and assist in getting technologies working together.
  • Manage any expansion project and coordinate with all suppliers
  • Hiring and training employees, set up guidelines and training programs that can be used going forward
  • Work with management, your customers and the community to establish a work culture that will provide the most productive center..



Contact Center Basic Set Up

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Key Elements of a Contact Center

  • People

    The most important element of a contact center.  Assure that employees have an ergonomic workstation to minimise work-related muscle strain and health issues, and recruit specific to the work area and the needs of the employees in that area.

  • Process

    Are the processes documented?  If they are yet to be defined, then now is the time to get them right. The accuracy and effectiveness of these will critically impact all further decisions that need to be made around staffing and software/infrastructure requirements.

  • Technology

    You need to consider what applications are required to support your business processes. Think about whether hosted in a cloud or desktop based is the right decision for your contact centre. Also, for systems that contain customer data (and perhaps card-holder data), you need to ensure that the required level of compliance can be achieved around Data Protection and PCI

  • Location

    Look towards being location independent.  As your needs grow be able to assure you are not bogged down by location.  Make sure the employee environment is pleasant for employees to be comfortable.  In addition have technology and reporting done from day one, no matter where the location.  This will assist management in doing their job of managing and not chasing down problems.