Business Broker focused on Contact Center Industry

ACCENT Ventures are professionals who specialize in the purchase and sale of businesses.  We primarily focus on the Contact Center Industry, but have also assisted companies in other industries as well. Since ACCENT Ventures also does Exit Strategy services, we can take a sell through the entire process of positioning a company for a proper opportunity, finding the right match in a buyer, and completing the transaction.

Transferring ownership of a business is a complex process involving determining a fair price for the company, making sure the business’s finances and financial records are in order, negotiating a price, going through escrow and closing the sale. ACCENT Ventures not only manage these steps, but also ensure confidentiality by requiring interested buyers to agree not to disclose the details of the potential business sale. We can also help with licensing and permitting requirements and can weed out unqualified buyers.

A way to gauge a business broker’s success is by looking at the percentage of businesses they’ve sold out of all the businesses they’ve tried to sell.  ACCENT Venture has  an extremely exceptional record when it comes to making a deal and following through with all steps of the process.  One key reason for this is in the timing of a sell.  If we take you on as a broker, we have researched the market conditions and the M&A atmosphere and know when the time is right.

ACCENT Ventures has relationships with organizations seeking to buy businesses as well as those seeking to sell. we are also experts in how to market your business for sale.

All of our revenue as a broker comes after a sale is complete, so we are as motivated as you are to complete the transaction in a timely basis.

The Business Broker Process

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As a Contact Center Broker We Have:

  • Contact Center Knowledge

    Our team has over 40 years of experience in operating both large and small contact centers.  We know the challenges that are unique to the industry, the laws governing the industry and how to access the value of a call center to direct a proper transaction.

  • A Track Record in Contact Center Closings

    We have completed 16 contact center sales with a total revenue of over $250 million.  We don’t place a call center on the market until it is ready and we have identified potential buyers based on demographics, need to expand in a unique set of characteristics and the financial support to complete the transaction.  This makes a healthy relationship for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Specialized Broker Experience

    Our industry experience as a broker started with a unique purchase of an original contact center with a major retail client, build that business up and later selling it at a huge profit.  From there we have been taking on clients wanting the same sort of success with their own call centers.

  • Closing Process Experience

    Members of our staff also come from a background within the specialized closing process, going through Title and Escrow.  Assuring that the business is free and clear from any litigation or lien makes the process go smoother for both parties.  In addition, we assure the financial transaction and responsibilities are handled properly and on a timely basis.

  • Happy Clients

    A true indicator of success is in happy clients.  Both buyers and sellers!  By setting expectation upfront and following through with all the steps of the process our clients don’t get left in the dark and don’t get surprised by events along the way.  We know that you will also be happy with our complete service offering and making sure the proper process is followed and the transaction is complete.