Contact Center Consulting

Providing services to contact centers to help improve operations, financial responsibility and marketing/selling services to provide a consistent and realistic growth path.

Warranty Services

We assist you in supplying a means to provide reliable end-to-end protection and support for your customer’s purchases.

Business Development

The chasm between the early products and excitement and being in the market mainstream Is where most companies fail. We can assist you in bridging that gap to success.

Reputation Management

Building and maintaining a reputation is extremely important in keeping the business on track. This can dramatically affect the value of the business if not maintained.

Exit Strategy Consulting

Are you an independent private organization? Markets are growing and the time is right to get the most for your company. We can help you maximize your value and match you with optimal opportunities to cash in on your investment.

Real Estate Management

Work with real estate owners and investors to improve profitability of the property and to improve the long term investment potential

Brokerage Services

Focusing on getting buyers and sellers together, bring a mutual understanding of the value of the business and completing the M&A agreement between the parties.