Tom Hansen

President and CEO

Mr. Hansen founded ACCENT Marketing Services, Inc. in 1993. ACCENT is an international provider of integrated marketing and customer service solutions with the primary focus on extended service programs. Mr. Hansen focused on the strategic direction of the company and it’s clients, playing a significant role in customer development and day-to-day operations of each of the business units.

Michael Gaskin


Michael comes to Accent Ventures with decades of experience in organizational change management with integration of cutting-edge techniques from various industries. Accent Ventures seeks to match solutions with businesses that will provide the basis for improved profit center development.

Tom Myers

VP Marketing and Reputation Management

Tom has been a pioneer in technical marketing and communication services for over 30 years.  His broad experience base has earned his team a Technical Emmy Award for Digital Effects and additional awards and acknowledgements in various communications and web based disciplines.

Mark Kennedy

VP, Contact Center Solutions

With over 25 years as an innovator in the contact center industry, Mark successfully directed the operations multiple businesses including fortune 500 organizations.  He has been acknowledge as the leader that can work cross-funtional to bring these teams together.  Centers that were not profitable have become profitable under Mark’s guidance.

Frank Weber

VP, Sales

Frank has over 25 years in customer care, sales and client advocacy driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Frank has helped launch startup companies and exponentially grow established organizations.