Our entire SunState Technology leadership team was impressed with how smoothly the SMART team captured our key business aspects and transitioned our in-house Client Care calls to their center.  We have not outsourced this critical function in the past due to fears of client confusion and quality service issues.  However, NO issues occurred and we now are identifying other client touch-point activities that we can transition to SMART!

Nicole Edgington, CEO, SunState Technologies

When a customer service team knows and feels confident in the “WWTCW” (What Would The Client Want) approach, agents are truly empowered to do the right thing. I believe that SMART Solutions agents possess a strong understanding of this approach. They know that there are no negative repercussions for satisfying a customer. They skillfully acknowledge, apologize, and correct the issue, and they are empowered to throw in ‘something extra’ to leave that customer with a positive, warm and fuzzy feeling toward our brand. That’s the secret to outstanding customer care.

Karen Price – Cellular One Chief People Officer

ACCENT Ventures is by far one of the most talented teams I have worked with in my sales and marketing career. Creative, intuitive and personable in every detail he puts to work is just scratching the surface of what AV can really bring to any project.  I have enjoyed working with AV as they was extremely goal and result oriented. Their marketing plans and sales strategies they implemented into action was purely a respect of professionalism.  ACCENT Ventures are absolute team players and are a value to have in any organization.

Chris Williams – Managing Partner, Small Business Associates

Our relationship with ACCENT Ventures has been important in the expansion of our brand into the top vacations brand in the world. We deeply appreciate their quality work and support.

Michael Finn – National Director, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation

Tom Hansen and ACCENT Ventures has an abundance of every quality you can look for in business but by far he is the best relationship builder that I have encountered. He has the ability to unite people from substantially different backgrounds and then lead them through successful partnerships.

Clark Morris – President of Morris Marketing

I have been able to accelerate the growth of my business by the work done by ACCENT-Ventures with the business strategy and positioning they provided for me.  These lessons will be applied to all I do in the future.

Michael Flanagan – Managing Partner, Flanagan Enterprises

The ACCENT Ventures team are visionaries and leaders. They bridge the business, technology and the market needs with their multifaceted talents that includes great presentations, sales pitch, anecdotes and empirical data. This is a wonderful team to work with.

Mohan H. Shamachar – Information Security Management RSI Information Security